Is that even possible?
Of course it is! Even while you are rushing through a whole lot of things to do like school, homework, sports, meeting friends, going for classes much more. Though it seems a lot more convenient to just dig into a packet of chips or munch on some biscuits in between your activities, a little more effort can ensure that you snack on healthy foods that are convenient to carry along and also packed with nutrients to keep you going through the day.

Does it really matter?
Yes it does! While carrying out different activities through the day, you are constantly using up the energy and nutrients that your body gets from your food. As a result, you are bound to feel hungry between your meals. Rather than stuffing yourself with sweets, fried foods and colas, it is better to snack on foods that are natural, healthy and replenish the nutrients in your body. This will keep you feeling active and energetic through the day and stop you from consuming junk food that leads to weight gain and other health problems in the long run.

How do I get around to snacking healthy?
Now that you have realized that healthy snacking is possible and important, here are some fun, easy ways to snack right, keep fit and stay healthy.
  • Keep bags of vegetables like carrots and cucumbers diced or cut into sticks in your refrigerator. So, the next time you need a quick snack, you can grab a bag of healthy veggies instead of a bag of chips.
  • Dice up fruits and chill them in the refrigerator  and enjoy with a dollop of yoghurt
  • Freeze grapes, orange slices or peeled banana and enjoy a healthy frozen snack anytime of the day.
  • If you feel the urge to have something cold and sweet like an ice-cream, eat flavored yogurt, curds or a smoothie.
  • Make your own healthy bhel with nuts, sprouts, boiled pulses, etc. to beat your evening hunger pangs.
  • Eat fruit instead of biscuits or cookies when you feel like having a sweet snack.
  • A glass of milk, buttermilk or fruit smoothie can keep you going for a few hours between meals.
  • Make sure that you always carry along some healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, dry fruits, a salad or a sandwich of whole-grain bread to keep you away from snacking on unhealthy fast food.
  • While buying something to snack on, make sure you read the nutritional information and serving size to decide if it really is a healthy snacking option.
  • To make your healthy snacks a little interesting, pair raw veggies with a low-fat dip or a glass of milk with some fresh fruits.
  • Boiled eggs, chicken, paneer, soya, sprouts are some healthy ingredients you can include if you want a slightly more filling snack.

Say goodbye to junk food and snacks that do no good to your body. Make the right choice and go healthy on the snacks!