The first step of the HealthStart journey is an initial consultation with the nutritionist

This initial consultation will include:
  • Understanding the health history, family background, and eating habits and patterns of the child
  • Taking the required anthropometric measurements including BCA, height, weight, BMI, etc.
  • Plotting the Growth-Chart and creating a health snapshot
  • Getting some free giveaways

After the initial consultation, the child will be referred to the endocrinologist if required.
Once this screening process is complete, the next step of the HEALTHSTART journey is the registration for a monthly plan. This plan will introduce children to healthy eating through fun activities and easy to understand interactions.

The monthly plan will include:
  • Weekly weigh-in
  • Weekly nutritional counseling
  • Weekly activities and programmes to teach the basics of nutrition and making the right food choices
  • Weekly giveaways of certain healthy foods that can be included in their everyday eating
  • Recipe booklet of easy-to-make healthy treats
  • Opportunity to interact with other members of the program and share questions, thoughts and experiences through the HEALTHSTART Facebook page.