HEALTHSTART is a unique initiative taken up by DHI to tackle childhood obesity through education and action. Fit is in and our aim is to motivate kids to grow up to be a healthier generation.

Growing kids have an affinity towards fast food such as chips, burgers; soft drinks etc. which is the primary reason why they gain weight and become unhealthy. These unhealthy eating habits are down to the increased consumption and availability of processed and junk food that affect children both emotionally and physically. A child with unhealthy eating habits could grow up to be an obese adult unless corrective steps are taken as he/she grows. Therefore the first step is to educate children, teach them to make healthier choices regarding the food they consume at an early age rather than dealing with the resulting health issues later in life.

The primary benefactors of the HEALTHSTART programme are kids in the age group of 9- 15 years and we firmly believe that achieving a healthy weight at this age is the key to laying the foundations to a healthier future. As it is often said that “Making habits is easy but the real challenge lies in breaking them”, so to help us achieve our aim we have taken some of the complexity out of nutritional sciences and created simple and easy to follow plans, to assist your children in making wiser food choices.

Our motive and inspiration for HEALTHSTART is to fight a phenomenon that the WHO (World Health Organization) has termed as ‘Globesity’. The term was coined to make light of the staggering number of people who are considered to be obese or overweight around the world. But the real effects are being felt much closer to home than you would imagine.

Very few people are aware that Obesity also brings with it a host of other co-morbidities such as arthritis, sleep apnea, hypertension, heart ailments and most alarmingly diabetes. In fact India is today considered to be the diabetes capital of the world and the number of people and one in six Indians are considered to be at risk.

DHI recognizes the threat to the younger generation from the growing epidemic of unhealthy habits and its resultant illnesses. With precisely this in mind DHI aims at helping children build a strong foundation of healthy eating habits. HEALTHSTART started off as a summer camp for children a few years ago but today we sense the need for a greater call to action. We intend to take the fight to obesity in the form of a school program which will be focused on educating and developing good food habits in children while keeping a check on their growth and health. Reach out to us to enroll your children in this informative and potentially life changing camp. We can be reached at